by Snooze in Motion

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sve / all / alle / све / todos - San Mikulec
snimano & mixano uglavnom doma početkom 2016.
treća sreća

Triple Zed Records

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released April 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Snooze in Motion Zagreb, Croatia

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Track Name: Agnes OM
agnes called, i've been holding on
agnes called, agnes hanging from a telephone pole
high above the clouds

agnes called, i've been holding on
agnes called, blowing bubbles on a cinnamon floor
take your heart, take your soul home

your broken wings are sold to astronauts
i love your everlasting OM
Track Name: Riverside
layin & chillin by the riverside
patiently waiting for fairy to come
into her eyes i will lay down
counting the waves till river runs dry

layin & chillin by the riverside
drowning myself in glazy peppermint eyes
through time & space & colors pulsating
drowning, drowning, drowning dry

i wanna find you in the sheet of city lights
i wanna be with you till lady lost her mind
Track Name: Frozen in a Moment
i never ever been like you
i never been like this
when i'm broken and a grass goes cold
and soul vanish from the trees, winter dreams

i never ever been like rain
playing different games
i never ever been like rain
whispering 6000 names
i will never feel the rain

my head is spinning round
cutting through the steel
but every little second is frozen in a moment
while waiting for the sea,
but sea can never clear your tears
Track Name: Mirror Song
rother chill in a morning
dinger frenzy at night
riding bike pass the mirror
zig-zag into the crowd

swing me hard on a turnstile
taste of puke in my mouth
i close my eyes and it's ferris wheel
screams falling down from the sky